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Scott Drakeford is the pseudonym under which I write Fantasy novels. Drakeford is an old family name in my father’s line, and is something of a tribute to my dad having introduced me to Fantasy.

My real name is Scott Smith, and I’m a pretty normal guy. I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and have worked for defense contractors, e-commerce, and healthcare finance companies in business process, product, and tech leadership roles. I have an awesome wife, a beautiful little girl, and two german shepherds. Writing, reading, hunting, MMA, the Utah Jazz, tech startups, video games, and especially family time are some of my favorite things.

I enjoy reading works from many genres, both fiction and nonfiction, and I plan to write in several over the course of my life. However, Fantasy holds a special place in my heart. Works like the Belgariad and the Wheel of Time turned me into a passionate reader as a young person, and I hope to pay that favor forward with my books.

You’ll be able to judge for yourself whether I’m any good starting with Rise of the Mages on January 25th 2022.

You can preorder at any major bookseller! Some links here for convenience:



Until then, enjoy my ramblings on the blog.


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