“Drakeford crafts a complex geopolitical environment, and Emrael is a joy to follow and root for.”—Booklist

“Rise of the Mages is a proper adventure, bursting with bloody action and exciting twists. Emrael is a fantastic lead, full of strength and loyalty, but also a hot-headed impulsiveness and a compelling inner darkness that I couldn’t get enough of.” — Brian Naslund, author of Blood of an Exile

“Compelling!” — Glen Cook, author of The Black Company

“Rise of Mages opens a door into a character-driven world of distinctive magic, rousing adventure, and corruption of the first order. Fantasy lovers will experience the full range of curiosity, anger, delight, frustration, joy, and satisfaction.” — Kel Kade

“This is old-school and new-school epic fantasy rolled into one. Drakeford has built a superbly crafted world infused with a myriad of well-rounded characters and plenty of action, magic, and mystery. Rise of the Mages is a fast-paced adventure that will satisfy any fantasy fan young or old.” — Brian Lee Durfee, author of The Forgetting Moon

“An immersive world epic fantasy fans will be glad to return to.” — Publishers Weekly

Drakeford has certainly laid the groundwork for a truly captivating epic fantasy series.”— Out of This World SFF

“Author Scott Drakeford just stepped into the publishing world of SFF and slammed his ax down.” — Beth Tabler, Grimdark Magazine

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