Beta Readers

This has been a very big month. Early this month, I finally sent my manuscript to a small group of beta readers who had expressed interest in reading my book and giving me feedback. I’ve only received detailed feedback from one beta reader, but the opinions so far from those who have finished the book has been positive. It’s a very good feeling to have other people enjoy something that took so much time to build and write.

I chose to use 7 or so beta readers, all people I trust to give me honest feedback. They are also people who are at least passingly familiar with the fantasy genre and can thus give a solid opinion on how my book will be received by fantasy readers. Perhaps most importantly, I’m lucky to have beta readers who are extremely intelligent people who will be able to offer detailed insight as to why they did or did not enjoy the book and it’s various aspects.

I’m now just continuing work on the second novel in the series as I wait for more feedback from my readers. I’m also working on perfecting my query letter that I’ll send out to literary agents as soon as I feel the manuscript is in top shape.


2 thoughts on “Beta Readers

  1. Thank you! That’s awesome, I’m humbled to hear that I’ve inspired anybody to do anything positive. If writing is something you’d enjoy though, don’t give up so easily. I’m still not sure I’m any good at it…my success finding an agent and publishing will probably tell me that over the next few months/years.

    I’ll try to post any progress as it comes across my desk. Unfortunately, my submission is still being reviewed by my “dream agent” (or the first of my “dream agents”), so I don’t have anything meaningful to report

  2. This is exciting! As I’ve been following your book writing process it’s made me think about what I could create myself. I don’t think I could write a book, but you’ve inspired me so search for what I want to make that I can share with others. I hope all goes well with finding an agent!

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